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An Awesome Breakbeat Masterclass, How to mix Kick and Bass, and my Favourite Spectrum Analyser for Free

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This month’s tutorials feature a great breakbeat masterclass from Tommy D (Ctrlz Z/Skism) and a wicked free analyser which has really helped define that solid kick and the snare starting point, as well as mixing the kick and the bass so they sit well together.

Following last months tutorials, and in particular the information about getting that kick and snare sitting in their rightful place, i went searching for a better analyser. I was using abletons built in one but i really wanted something bigger and more versatile. After trying out a fair few demos of favoured one like Roger Nichols Xl Inspector and Blue cat I found Voxengo Span.

This is a free audio analyser thats not only nice and clear but also allows you to view 2 channels at once (e.g the kick and the bass) After watching this tutorial on how to use it (dont be put off by the fact its trance production like i was – its easily the best how to ive found for span) i was then able to really produce my tracks and deal with any of the issues of conflicting frequencies that  i was facing previously

As a starter dish, i would also like to put forward one of the best masterclasses i have seen. Tommy D from Ctrl Z/Skism offering up a very thorough, honest and engaging walkhrough of how he remixed the freestylers track – Ruffneck. How it relates to Span analyser is that I remember when i first watched this it covered really well how to get those phat kicks and punchy snares hitting at the right frequencies. However i never found the tool to see what was happening until span, which for me with an untreated room, and for anyone else who hasnt got a tuned listening environment, will hopefully be really useful.

Anyway without further ado here’s Tommy D’s breakbeat masterclass >

Followed by How to Mix kick and Bass with Voxengo Span >

I really hope you find these useful as i did and if you did, or have any insight or feedback to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

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