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Dj Narrative Prequel Album of Early Remixes for Gaza Save the Children Fund

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Very pleased to announce that the aforementioned album of remixes is now finished and available as a free download from Thursday 22nd November 2012 (albeit in a different form than the one i was anticipating!)

My original plan was to put together an album which used the best ideas so far but get them up to standard with my new workflow and production techniques. Unfortunatly I forget to take into account that moving over to a mac left the tracks missing about half of the plugins and vsts i was using and some of the files on the backup drive couldn’t be read at all!

Tbh though, its been a blessing as the ideas in that tracks are from over the last 5 years and im itching to move forward with my new setup and workflow. Going back to the ideas from such a long period of time and trying to adopt my new approaches to them wasn’t as easy as i hoped and a couple of the tracks i only had one over compressed wav export to work with so all in all a decent effort and glad to have finished! I’ve retained the rough narrative flow of ideas from the initial draft and  done some quick and dirty production on most of 12 or so tracks / interludes and all in all they’ve turned out pretty well.

Here’s a bit more background in case you dont read the info. >>

An album of remixes featuring track from last 5 years, put together to raise money for emergency save the children gaza fund.

Please visit my bandcamp page for the information and links to download all tracks for free (and/ or donate to the save the children gaza fund if you’d like to) http://djnarrative.bandcamp.com

I have a new setup, workflow, and approach to writing and producing now so all these tracks were made before i really understood arrangement or production. Many of the tracks were missing plugins and some just being most recent wav export. That said i’ve used ozone for some limiting and basic mastering to try and get them up to speed and am pretty pleased with how its turned out.

Artists featured are Bruce Lee, Noam Chompsky, Bill Hicks, Saul Williams, DubFx, M.I.A, Method Man, Redman, Coldcut, General Levy, Fugees, Pink, Peter Kaye, Susan Vega & The Montini Experience

Starting work on debut album 1st December 2012. I’ll post all the tracks and parts via my new facebook page (next thing to update) - www.facebook.com/djnarrative All tracks, mixes & back catalogue freely available from www.djnarrative.com & & www.marceck.com

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