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Innofader in the S4 Review

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Over the last couple of years ive been teaching myself to scratch and it’s become one of my favourite things to do. Although i really rate the stock crossfader i’ve invested in a proper scratch fader for my Traktor S4, so thought id drop a review to share my findings.

The stock fader in the s4 ive always thought was very good. Ive never used a proper scratch fader so i have no comparison, but over the year i have used it its alwasy been solid and been able to keep up with my development as a scratch Dj. The innofader though is a notable difference, and does allow more flexibility as you’d hope :)

The feel is buttery and smooth, and its built to last forever. You can adjust the cut in and the tension although i found that to have a immediate cut in, you have to get it dead on, otherwise there is a very slight bleed on one side. Installing is easy thanks to this video below, but id also recommend you read the install page on the innofader site as there is more information that i missed first time round.

As this is an adapted version of the innofader (called the innobender) there is a very small amount of play in the fader stem. This doesn’t affect scratching at all but it is worth noting that this is unavoidable.  The other thing to mention on the install is that you will need to keep taking off the back, so its worth getting all your settings adjusted on the innofader before you screw the 19 screws back in :)

In terms of being able to scratch better it’s really hard to say but the first thing i noticed was that crabs were easier. It just feels a whole lot better too, and my scratching ability seems to have increased with each session. Im now using both hands and the left hand on the crossfader is getting in the realms of where i hoped i would get to in terms of quicker cuts and chirps and more on point with fast twiddle and crab combos. The right hand on the crossfader allows for much quicker stabs but is less able to do the crabs, twiddles and chirps.

I havent scratched in public or on recording so i’m going to record a video when i get chance to see if i can some feedback. The next Dj Narrative mix will be based around samples and scratching too so hopefully this will see a move into new territories. If anyone out there is thinking of getting a innofader for their s4 i can highly recommend it if you are serious about scratching, otherwise the only real benefit will be its durability. I bought mine from Juno, but there are few stockists dependant on where in the world you live.



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