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Journey to the Edge Of Somewhere

Submitted by on August 18, 2008 – 15:448 Comments

Finally after almost a year, i decided to finish a breaks mix i worked on last year, which was showcased at our last big Project X Presents event in November, and which was based on the Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.  It was also a set that i reopened the Que Club with, and part of it was featured in my first review at Custom Made, so as you can imagine it feels really good to finish it!

I made this when i was 7 years old

It was ony waiting for one mix, but there was nothing in my box that seemed to fit, so i’ve left it for…..well for months now.

Last night though, i managed to finish it by trying a couple of new tracks with it, which i think fits the narrative perfectly, and by 6am, i had a couple of covers and the tracklisting all done. (The cover incidentally is something i made at school when i was 7!)

So for your listening “pleasure” may I present – “Journey to the Edge of Somewhere”. I really hope you enjoy it, and i also hope you can see some of the hero’s journey in it.

It’s not supposed to be pretty, for obvious reasons, and music wise its based around the heavier end of breaks and drum and bass, as similar to my Fear and Love Mix, it is designed to work on an underground dancefloor, as well as have a narrative.

I didnt have room to put the stages on the cd cover, though i do want to, so until then, here they are for your reference.

  • The Ordinary World
  • The Call to Adventure
  • Meeting The Mentor
  • Crossing The Threshold
  • Approach to the Innermost Cave
  • The Supreme Ordeal
  • The Road Back
  • The Shadow Challenge
  • The Freedom To Return
  • The Reward

And here’s the tracklisting.

The Tracklisting

I wanted to host it on my server, so downloading it would be quick for anyone that wants to, and the file size is only 33 meg, so should be fairly quick.

The only downside, is that it wont tell me how many people have downloaded it, so if you do download it, or listen to it online, all i ask is that you drop me a comment, (even its just “downloading/listening now”)  so i can get some idea of how many people are interested to hear it.

Many thanks, i hope you enjoy it, and i really appreciate your comments :)

Journey_To_The_Edge_Of_Somewhere – Mixed by Marc Reck – Sep 2007 (2008 Reedit)

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8 comments on “Journey to the Edge Of Somewhere

  1. Chris on said:

    Hey Mark – cheers, just downloading now.

  2. Joris van der Starre on said:

    thanks for sharing! (listening now)

  3. Liam on said:

    Just downloading now mate,no doubt it will be a stomper!

  4. Aart on said:

    Absolutely amazing dude!

    This mix is not only a perfect example of what a slammin night out should sound like, but also the constant natural progression of your work and talent.

    Once again you have not failed to blow me away with a fine selection of sounds whilst beating the crap out of my ear drums.

    Im sure everyone will agree…

    Top work Mr Reck…. Top work indeed…

  5. Steve Gwynne on said:

    Just listened to the Journey_To_The_Edge_Of_Somewhere – Mix and what a wicked mix. Still haven’t managed to see you dj and listen to your selection live but will as soon as I can. Take care

  6. Love it. You rock. What more can I say:)

  7. compositeone on said:

    Just downloading now mate, will try to feed back later on. :)

  8. Tony Coleman on said:

    What can I say except *king excellent! I hope this is a guide to what I’ll be VJing along to with Liam.

    And thanks for letting me use it at Plasa ;]

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