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Life on the Narrowboat Part Two

Submitted by on October 29, 2012 – 15:592 Comments

Into our 4th month on the canals now so thought i’d write a quick blog so i can post some pics & excuse the time that my aforementioned projects are taking :)

Part of the reason for no content on the site is the site going down. Something to do with the database, and still a few glitches to work out but have reset it a stable order which seems to have made it work properly although the images dont centre align and seem to have lost all the facebook likes & a lots of thumbnails..

On the boat front I didn’t realised how much time would be taken with the boat or how long it would take to get setup on the creative music making and djing projects again. I’ve been so used to having a whole room dedicated to it, it’s taken a lot longer than i anticipated. That said i think the break has been good for me personally, but more on that later…..


 One of the things we’ve been doing a lot of is making fires. 2 months ago it was to sit outside on a summer evening, and now its to keep warm inside as the temperature drops! Like most boats our’s has a woodburner inside and we’ve found that we can even cook on top of the metal once the fires been going for a while.

Three main things that i’ve learnt thus far is – Constructing it well from the start so that you allow space in the middle for the air makes all the difference, starting with tree bark or very small dry kindling, and building up the size of sticks until you have enough to put something bigger seems to be a good way forth. There’s also a big difference in the type of coals with some flaming as well as like little logs and apparently you can keep it going all night with the right amount of coals and the vents shut. Finding some firelighters really helped too :)


Been doing lots of work on the boat, which has been great learning curve but very time consuming. So far i’ve laid carpet, hung blinds, painted doors, fixed drop down tables and built cupboards shelving units, fences & cabinets. My Dad the diy king has been uber helpful with any questions and is currently giving up his saturdays to help us paint the whole boat


Painting a narrowboat is a very big job it seems, with the basic path being clean all the surfaces with sugar soap, sand all surfaces with orbital sander (grade 80). Sand all rust spots with sandpaper (grade 60/80), apply owatrol on all rust spots. Mix 30% owatrol with undercoat, and give 2 coats (white spirit, cleaning and sanding in between as necessary) Sand down with 300 grade, white spirit and 2 coats of gloss with 20% owatrol.


Each of these stages individually takes roughly a day for each of the 5 sections of the boat, and totally dependant on the weather although the painting is quicker than the prep. The paint job on previously wasnt too hot, so the rust spots got bigger and bigger when we started sanding them down to owatrol. But as they say preperation is the key so time it does in deed take. That said its enjoyable, and i get to spend most saturdays with my dad as result which is great, because he is a legend.


Our Dog Lucy is settling in nicely, and we have a place for her to let out some of her boystrous energy and racing ability. For a dog with a difficult background and unusual cross, she’s apdapted really well. A few other things she enjoys is being on the roof


Eating bones


and snuggling up in the evening


But above all else she blatantly likes to be warm!


August and some of september was basically all working on the boat and spending time with Pyn which has been real nice for us both. We both tend to spend a lot of time working on our creative stuff, so its been refreshing to actively take the time off


And August blatantly seems to get the surrounding nature frisky, with all manner of courting creatures. In one day i saw bee’s shagging, wood pigeons kissing and these caterpillers courting!


We’ve also had a few visitors round which has been great as i’ve been really missing people. We’ve had some lovely evenings despite the distance and when we’re a bit more sorted will be looking to catch up with a whole load more we hope.


On the creative front i’ve kept my head down for a couple of months and done my best to refrain from attention hogs like facebook in order to to get back to where i wanted to be before the move. Aside from a lot of developing on the workflow side, its been pretty productive, with a few websites built, (one for a client, and two for the 2 new music projects i’ve been working on), redesigning my existing websites and creating content for the 4th newsletter with a real focus on the djing, narrative, and production stuff.


The aforementioned album of remixes is also now finished albeit in a different form than the one i was anticipating. My original plan was to put together an album which used the best ideas so far but get them up to standard with my new workflow and production techniques. Unfortunatly I forget to take into account that moving over to a mac left the tracks missing about half of the plugins and vsts i was using and some of the files on the backup drive couldn’t be read at all!

Tbh though, its been a blessing as the ideas in that tracks are from over the last 5 years and im itching to move forward with my new setup and workflow. Going back to the ideas from such a long period of time and trying to adopt my new approaches to them wasn’t as easy as i hoped and a couple of the tracks i only had one over compressed wav export to work with so all in all a decent effort and glad to have finished! I’ve retained the rough narrative flow of ideas from the initial draft and  done some quick and dirty production on most of 12 or so tracks / interludes and all in all they’ve turned out pretty well.

I should add that i was / am really hesistant to put out anything thats in progress or doesnt represent where im at now, as in terms of the whole role as a producer, i only really feel i have the skills, tools, and workflow from this year to be able to see a track to completion. However id said back on my first newsletter all subscribers could get the album tracks for free, and have had good response to the 1st two, so i wanted to honour the commitment, and felt it was a worthy start. Plus I also wanted tracks to provide stems for my Reckorder Project.


Anyway much more on that soon for any interested ears, and really just wanted to drop a few pics and a bit of an update for any interested readers and friends. If you want to check out and download any of the creative content from the new projects then keep an eye out the site over the next month or drop your email into the newsletter and i’ll send it you soon as its ready.

Hope alls well out there and thanks for checking out my post.

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2 comments on “Life on the Narrowboat Part Two

  1. carlos on said:

    lovely stuff marc! glad to read everything is coming up nicely. X

  2. marcreck on said:

    Thanks Carlos :) – Slowly but surely! – give you buzz after the weekend for catch up bro Mx

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