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Marc Reck (Dj Narrative) – Going Out Vol #4 – Glitch Hop

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This newsletter’s Going Out Mix is heavily inspired by a recent dig in September which uncovered loads of wicked Glitch Hop and also to provide a more modular approach to these mixes \o/

All of these tracks were shortlisted for my last reviews even though they aren’t new releases, and i’m loving the breadth and spectrum of the genre so been itching to try a specific mix.

I realised recently that making multi genre sets isn’t as likely to hit as many peoples radars unless they specifically are looking for that, and that the going out series could be more genre specific while the coming home series could be more genre hopping. As i spend so much time digging for and exploring new music in lots of genres it made sense to try and represent what i would play for the more genre specific gigs. While it wont be exclusively this, e.g even this one goes from 100 bom up to 130 glitchy breaks territory, i think it may help people more easily find what they fancy listening to, and also me to better promote the artists that are featured and my own djing.

I’ve purposely tried to keep them at around 40 mins each so that two can be burned to a cd as wanted to create a modular catalogue of mixes which friends and listeners could arrange into a playlist and build up something that would work as similar to a well programmed event. Like all the past mixes ive also put put the links to the artists soundcloud or buy / download links so that you can follow or support the artists you like.

If you want to support my stuff, just hit like on my new artist page and drop your email into my newsletter. Sharing is always very much appreciated if you have any friends that might enjoy or be interested in the content too.

Hope you enjoy the mix and if you want a download please help yourself here.


1. Mustard Tiger -  Bass Rate – Adapted Records

2. Mouldy Soul - Feeding Time – Colony Records

3. Tipper - Spunion – Tippermusic

4. Footwork vs. Snoop Dogg – 6 Million Ways to Die (Footwork serial killa bootleg mix) – Free Download

5. K+Lab feat Sacha Vee - Need to know – Junk Food

6. Marc Reck & Method Man & Redman – How High (Dj Narrative 2011 Prequel Glitch Hop Remix) – Free Download

7. Vent – Panda Slap – Colony

8. Bran Richards & Mr. Bill - Tinsel – Simplify

9. Spoonbill – Flying Junk Ship – Omlette

10. Mustard Tiger - Sloot (Meat Axe Remix – Adapted Records

11. Blatwax - Breeder – Adapted Records

12. Skeetaz – Nein – Additech

13. Carbon Community – Dr Spectacles (Lawgiverz Mix) – Reconnect Recordings

14. Hi Fidelity – Gender Blur – Sub Synergy

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