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Photo by Rob Nicholas / Review from The Night Times

Hi. Before we get into the more professionally written 3rd person Biog I wanted to introduce my self in the 1st person shortened / updated version with some newer quotes to back it up (and so i don’t have to get someone to rewrite the rest :)

My Name is Marc Reck, I live on a boat, and i have a very deep rooted passion  / obsession for making, djing and promoting music. :)

My Dj & Producer Alias (as of 2012) is DJ Narrative. Its also a project that ive been researching and developing over the last few years in order to perform or create content that i’ve loosely described as “Dynamic Multi-genre Dj Sets & Productions combined with Storytelling, Narrative, & Expression.

“Well this is just blowing my head wiiiide open. Innovative beyond belief. Prime brain fodder from certified JEDI Marc Reck (Dj Narrative) What a trip! Thank you!!!!” - Freear (Slamboree / Ape Music)

You can get a feel of it with my bi-monthly newsletter where i aim to put out really high quality musical content, promote other artists, & share useful or inspiring information.

“Shit hot! Ha! totally nuts intro.. Seamless mix through many styles and genres and you did it with aplomb dude! Brought full circle with that ending!..Excellent mix and a sign of a true DJ” – Sensa

I also run cross artform Electronic music making & DJ workshops, and create soundtracks for educational & community projects for various local artist organisations under the banner of Reckorder.

“the films & soundtrack - just blown away! Fabulous work on so many levels. Wonderful!” – Secret City Arts

The Reckorder site also aggregates any useful electronic music making tutorials i find online.

“The tuts are spot on mate. What i really love about it is your clear and concise explanations of compression fx etc and the many essential requirements to effective production and then with that you provide great links to further educate.. It’s well set out and very easy to navigate.. Overall mate that’s gonna be a lot of use to producers throughout the spectrum of learning. Great stuff :) ” John Reilly (Community Youth Worker / Producer)

As part of the new Reckorder site is my new Reckorder project. This is my way of recording the process of working towards my debut artist album & will form the basis for my invitation of collaboration.

Marc Reck… Amazing!..this is your genius! Wow. I will be putting my ear to more of that magic. Cheers – April Sunshine

I have just put out an 11 track prequel album of early remixes to try and raise money for the victims of the Gaza / Isreal conflict. Its free to download and despite being put together from tracks that were created before i really understood production or arrangement, I’m pretty pleased with how its turned out.

Sounds great, especially the drums! I absolutely love some of those breakbeats, they remind me of early Chemical Brothers! – Dj Mylz (Heducation / Hedz Ltd)

“a fascinating album of remixes with a conscious narrative flow” – Rich Batsford (Composer)

From 1st Decemeber 2012 i will be moving forward with my Dj Narrative production and djing alias and recording the journey on this site. It will incorporate turntablism, controllerism and a my new method of creating and performing with samples, tracks and acapellas, running alongside my new production workflow in making a multi-genre debut album.

Marc Reck is one of the most versatile and explosive DJs on the scene. We are very excited to have him back after he has been away working on his latest master piece – The DJ Narrative…. Expect the unexpected” – Tom Hyland (Hot club De Swing/Electric Swing Circus)

Both of these will tour as in an audio visual collaborative performance which will draw on the film, photography and website

Marc’s sets are inventive, genre hopping adventures. One of the most skillful DJ’S with the most interesting sounds around – you won’t stop dancing!” - Jibbering (Shambala Festival)

If you’d like to follow any of the above projects please subscribe to the specific rss feeds or the overall newsletter.

I always think (and have been advised by a lot more well informed people than i) – that when writing biogs, its very important to include unbiased quotes & feedback so the reader can make a more informed decision as to whether its worth checking out the site. So for that reason i collate any feedback that people post here
Explosive dj sets, groundbreaking events, and innovative collaboration are three things that have become synonymous with Marc Reck!

Coined as the “DJ with no barriers who fuses genres seamlessly” and winner of the Night Times award for best local dj, Marc has an insatiable appetite for his craft and continues to push the boundaries with each eclectic party rocking performance.Marc FUCKIN ROCKS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! – J Break – (Cyberian Nights/After Dark/Florida)

His creativity in djing has seen Marc perform with string quartets, dancers, performance artists, musicians, percussionists & vjs, as well as supporting a long list of big names, with a wide range of residencies in a host of environments.

“Marc is a legend, his DJ skills are as good – if not better – than most of the ‘famous’ overpriced DJ’s i have worked with” – Automaton  (Earko Promotor / Satamile Records)

“One of the things you notice about Marc’s djing is his infectious joy in playing great tunes. Bouncing around behind the decks, completely at home and willing the crowd on, he is so obviously loving being there that you can’t help but love it too” – Rich Batsford (Metro/Composer)

Hi radio shows mixes have been described as” like listening to a masterfully crafted concept album”, and his ability to captivate audiences of  such a wide range of age and musical tastes is testament to his diverse list of residencies and well honed music collection.

“For the second year running Music of Distinction with Marc Reck has provided us with the most magical mix of sounds that brings folk onto the dance floor and keeps the binding in place that keeps the 15 year olds dancing with the 70 year olds.” – (Jean Nicholson, General Manager of Birmingham Opera Company)

His previous musical output has seen his work being commissioned for New Vibes dance performances, cross artform workshop soundtracks, festival & event dvds, & touring industry demonstrations for both edirol vj equipment & roland musical equipment,  all purely by recommendations.

“Huge mate. expected nothing less. Full on adventure in innovation. Masterfully crafted and innovative as ever, absolutely brilliant” – Freear (Breaks Producer/Alphadrive)

He also recorded & produced soundtracks for various arts & dance organisations, and performed his own music out on the main stages of the Custard Factory, Rainbow Warehouse & the Que Club. In 2011 Marc spent two weeks in the studio with Freear and created SLAMBOREE which has done on to tour all the major festivals.

His music tech workshops have seen his musical & production knowledge inspire a wide range of participants and create results whatever their postition of musical ability. His unique and well developed approaches have enabled special needs groups to create epic film soundtracks through to primary ages create expressive live performance soundtracks, with each participant gaining a whole experience of all parts of music making from composition, recording, & production.

“I loved the music workshops. I wish there was more. The soundtrack we made sounds just like a film!” – participant from workshop

He also taught and managed the New Deal for musicians scheme, with custom made one to one tutorials about music production, djing & promoting, and has run his own one to one and community dj courses. He shares electronic music tutorials on his dedicated website Reckorder.com is built to share useful information & hosts one to one sessions for local djs, musicans & producers.

“great work, always brilliant and original results ” – Bass6 (Beatboxer & workshop facilitator)

There are many other skills having been developed and self taught over the last 15 years of dedicated work. Some are professional qualifications in areas such as web design, events management, and music educating, and many are self taught, such as video production, camera work, web developing, graphic design & event promotion. He is interested in how we can use technology, and has a range of experience, from building pc’s and websites, to creating custom made controllers and personal productivity tools.

“It really is a piece of work Marc.. a journey of contrasting styles and musical vigour that’s perfectly mixed, brilliantly chosen and superbly thought out.” – Sarah Wilkinson (Positive News)

Like many creative promoters, Marc is also no stranger to managing and inspiring large groups of individuals, and to date has sourced no funding for any of his projects, creating successful events through hard graft & working with great people. Marc now has plans to apply for funding in order to take things to a more sustainable level.

“Last Saturday, Mr Elephant and The Night Times were without doubt hosting the best party the second city could offer” / “A lot of people were saying it’s one of the best nights they’d been to in ages and i concur! fuckin’ wicked!”……the work you do is fucking awesome, truly” – Dom Kai Brotherton (Journalist)

In 2010 / 2011 Marc decided to take a break from promoting events & public djing appearances in order to really evolve his creative djing ideas, and develop his musical aspirations. He focused on his workshops & radio shows whilst developing a period of research and development of his Dj Narrative djing and production project. Despite taking a hiatus of accepting djing gigs he has had bookings alongside the artists like the Nextmen, Dub Pistols, & Zion Train, whilst playing live with Slamboree & djing peak time sets at the main dance stage of Shambala.

Photo by Rob Nicholas
Photo by Rob Nicholas

“What an amazing set!! You got the entire room dancing and hanging off the rafters! Never seen so much energy in one room for a long time…..on a Sunday too!! Marc Reck ROCKS” – Mark & Shona (Custom Made)

After an extensive period of research & development, late 2012 will see the launch of his innovative new Dj Narrative project which will see him further pushing the boundaries of Djing & Production to create the content for an audio visual tour. The process will be recorded on his reckorder project site & all the best content will be available to all subscribers to the free newsletter

“With a disturbing, lurching assault upon the senses, ‘Project X’ is an intelligent and unique show destabilising the established role of the ’spectator’ in performance theatre and drawing you in to an impressively eclectic and complex mix of art forms.” – Birmingham Post


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