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Musical collaborations for 2011

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I’ve been taking 6/12 months off to get some groundwork done, so i can really concentrate on my music and djing in 2011, and i’m pleased to say there’s already 3 collaborations on the horizon, all of which i’m really looking forward to!

One is with one of my favourite producers, another is with my 2 favourite vjs (i’ll write a seperate post for that soon), and the 3rd is a very recent one with a very talented vocalist, so i thought i’d blog a little bit about who they are and keep up to date with how it progresses.

The producer is Freear aka Mike Freear who i first met when he came to play at our 2nd Mr Elephant Birthday with his band Alphadrive. He tore it up with his live breaks act, but since he’s gone solo theres a load of really phat tunes he’s produced.

What i really like is Mike’s ability to write a whole range of tracks, and to truly rock the party.  I’ve been playing his stuff on my show ever since i heard it (the most recent track gizmo stomp is now being released on Ben & Lex’s ape label), and he’s touring all over the world currently in UK back from Burning man, Mexico, U.SA, etc so i wasnt sure if he’d be around to collab. We’re both have quite a phat diverse sound and both have areas where we are stronger, so i approached him before xmas to see if he was interested and sent him an hours mix of some of my tracks.

He’s a much more experienced producer than me, but ever since meeting we seem to be on very similar lines. I knew he was into my djing after seeing me play a while back, and he’s said some really inspiring things about the radio show, and obviously booking him for our headline gig & playing his stuff on the show speaks for itself.  He had equally cool things to say about the live mix, describing it as a “Masterfully crafted and innovative as ever, absolutely brilliant” which blatantly made my day coming from such talent, and suffice to say i think we’re going to create some massive music this year and already have the 1st week long studio session pencilled in for next month. Check out more of his stuff on his facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/freearmusic (lots of free dloads there too) and check his ever expanding gig list to see him live.

The other forthcoming collab comes in the form of a really talented vocalist called Hannah Magentah, who got in touch via a mutual friend when she was looking for a producer to co-writing an album with. The sound she had in mind for an album was somewhere between goldfrapp & a french electronic sound, which isn’t where im at musicially at the moment, though i was really keen to try out some collaboration, so suggested started with some remixes. The next week she sent a few vocal ideas and already there’s two stand out tracks that have massive potential. Suffice to say i have an equally good feeling about that too and will be doing my best to keep this space updated for anyone interested and post some stuff to hear when we’re all happy with it.

It does all seem pretty synchronistic at the mo, and there’s already starting to be crossovers with the 3 collaborations and even talk of a live show with circus performers which could be as early as March! I’ve been talking to Pyn & Liam & Tony from Blend Av  for a while now about developing some ideas on a dj/vj narrative tour with performance and masks, and it looks like those ideas and these collaborations might feed into each other in a really good way so yeah chuffed and more news as it unfolds. :)

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