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December 31, 2012 – 11:59 |


Hey folks,
After 420 posts I decided to discontinue this site, and build a new one.
Please find me at my current site – www.djnarrative.com.
There are a lot of narrative based audio, visual & Dj content that …

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A place for the other things i do outside of music. Generally broken down into things i do & things i find useful. Could be posts on productivity, events in birmingham, music making, dj technology, web design tips, awareness, politics, spirituality, funny stuff..all that kind of thing.


All blog posts related to my own Djing. Generally broken down into sub categories that i hope will be of interest. Radio shows, Dj Charts, Gig Lists, music / artists to check out, & anything useful i find related to the art of djing.


All past posts & videos related to the events Mr Elephant, Rockfall, Inter-course, Headway & Project X Presents, co-promoted up til the hiatus with links to all artists involved.


Starting to feel comfortable with what im producing and about to embark with a new setup and workflow. Wanted to put out a short ep of previous ideas which is up for free download via the newsletter


I deliver music tech workshops to particpants of all ages in a host of environments working with various other artforms. I only started this year, so there’s not many posts, but hopefully the posts give a good idea. More information is on the dedicated website – Reckorder.com.

Back to the Old School

December 9, 2008 – 19:02 |

The second of our Party Rockin Mammal Sessions was a history lesson, a fabulous evening, and a proper party, all rolled into one thanks to special guest Dj Smokedog, and our residents.

We kicked off with some downtempo Elephant radio style music, as the place quickly started to fill up while it was free entry. A birthday surprise was among the guests and just before we started the dancefloor action, we dropped the music to a rousing crescendo of happy birthday sung by everyone in there!

Djing Connections

December 7, 2008 – 19:55 |


So this weekend was a couple of djing gigs, firstly for birthday boy John Mostyn, who organised a party for fellow Birmingham opera crew legend Breeta who was celebrating her 50th, and saturday it was …

Buy your veg from the market

November 29, 2008 – 20:47 |

I’ve been meaning to get a routine on where every two weeks i go to the market and buy a rucksack full of fruit and veg. Then cook with it, freeze the meals and eat at our leisure. This week i did, and this is what i got for just 12 quid!…

November/December Breaks Chart 2008

November 27, 2008 – 18:06 |
November/December Breaks Chart 2008

Here’s this months top 5 breaks reviews for the November/December edition of the Night Times

Djing at Atomic Jam 13 year later

November 24, 2008 – 20:31 |

I’ve had such a good weekend! Atomic Jam at the Que quite simply “rocked” and was every bit as good as the old days. Djing was equally fantastic, with the room filling up at lightening speed and a wonderful peak time type crowd response…

New Technologies for 2009

November 18, 2008 – 14:34 |

I’m having a massive overhaul at the mo of everything to make way for a few bits of kit, trying to get as much in check by the end of year to make way for 3 new technologies which are set to raise the bar for 3 areas of my life….

Gigs in Brum

November 14, 2008 – 18:54 |

Aside from partaking in that great gigbeth fringe show last week, i’ve also had the opportunity to check out some more musical treats in brum over the last couple of week…

The Gigbeth Fringe Show…

November 11, 2008 – 23:34 |

..went remarkably well and trunks up to all those who made it happen! The first half (6-9pm) saw 3 half hour showcase sets for some visiting student reps, as part of the afternoon gigbeth conference, and despite it being an early eve performances, Smiley Mic, Mama Matrix and our very own Dj Marc Reck and Vj Liam Blendstate, all demonstrated in full effect what they do.

From 9pm was the aforementioned gigbeth fringe show organised by Consider it Done, with a little input from us. Apparently, and thankfully for us, it was one of the busiest venues, and turned out to be a really fantastic evening attracting a truly ecletic mix of people..

Rhubarb Radio

October 28, 2008 – 15:27 |

After a meeting with Dubber the other week about the Share to Create project and 4ip, Robin (and Dubber) mentioned that he had a weekly radio show starting on Rhubarb Radio.

I can’t believe i hadn’t found these guys before, as i’ve been hoping someone in brum would setup a radio station like this. The schedule they have got at the moment is really good, and there’s so much great music from local djs in brum, i can see it taking over last fm for my out of hours music listening time…

October Breaks Reviews

October 26, 2008 – 14:48 |
October Breaks Reviews

Here’s this month’s breaks reviews for the Night Times. Grab a free copy from your favourite local dancing establishments :) ..

Party Rockin Mammals!

October 14, 2008 – 15:01 |

Last saturday was the first elephant call to t!he local party rockin mammals, when we inhabited the Bulls Head in Moseley. With our resident vj Blendstate at the helm of his multi screen visuals, and our resident dj Marc Reck at the sonic controls, we expected it to go off elephant style…Quite how much though we really didnt expect…

Atomic Jam @ the Que Club!

October 6, 2008 – 18:58 | 2 Comments

was where it all started for me back in 1995. (Well actually it was the House of God event 2 weeks before, but still, both events have inspired, (for better or worse), much that was to follow.

Now Atomic Jam is back at its birthplace, just in time for its 13th Birthday celebrations, and i’m most chuffed to have been asked to play!..

September Breaks Reviews

October 5, 2008 – 21:04 |
September Breaks Reviews

I recently started a role as breaks reviewer for the Night Times, where i get to review 5 or 6 of my favourite breaks tracks around at the mo. Here’s the first one for the Aug / Sep Issue…

Sound Cloud

October 4, 2008 – 01:01 |
Sound Cloud

Today i also got invited to a website/service i’ve been after for quite a while, (but interestingly especially this week!)…

Make a poster tips

October 3, 2008 – 01:46 |
Make a poster tips

So today i was doing the poster for next weeks mr elephant bi monthly residency at the Bulls Head. I had the template from Matt Tilley from our celebrate brums underground gig, so aside from deciding on a suitable name i figured it’d be a quick half hour edit and then down to the stationers before blasting the locality…

Review of Mr Elephant by Dominik Kai Brotherton

September 30, 2008 – 01:20 |
Review of Mr Elephant by Dominik Kai Brotherton

We’ve just been sent this at Mr Elephant Hq. A proper review by up and coming event journalist Domonic Brotherton and photographs courtesy of the very talented Alina!

It’s all in the Mix

Magnetic, Evolve, Trigger, Breakthru, Osmosis, Drop Beats Not Bombs, Jam Jah, Mr Elephant, House of God, Custom Made, My Bass, Broken Minds, the list goes on…

It reads like an elaborate and complex cocktail of contrasting ingredients that bears the danger of becoming explosive, much like the often schizophrenic face of the Birmingham underground. However, like the coffee of Kahlúa that binds the unexpected combination of vodka and milk in a White Russian, the mash up of genres slipped down wonderfully thanks to the open mindedness of the spectators: the key ingredient so core to the prevalence of the Birmingham underground scene…

Huge Elephant Noises!!

September 28, 2008 – 21:53 |

to all of you that came down on saturday!! It totally exceeded all of our expectations, and the response to the poodles, the music, the visuals and the performance has blown us all away, so first off a huge and very sincere Thank You, from all of us at Mr Elephant Presents and on behalf of Ric and Nik from the Night Times who have been two of the most hardworking and easy people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

So for anyone that wasn’t there what happened?..

Celebrate Birmingham’s Underground

September 19, 2008 – 17:22 |

I’ve got a review of Project x Presents show to do, and loads of pictures, but this week i literally havent stopped from organising and promoting our huge Free 12 hour warehouse and beach party @ the rainbow beach and warehouse this saturday (20th Sep)

I really must go and eat, so for now please check out this post from our Mr Elephant website, which gives you a run down of what we have in store for you tomorrow.

Really hope you can make it..

Our fourth Project X Presents Show

September 12, 2008 – 12:42 |

is this saturday at BUSK, and the crew have been doing some amazing work this week, transforming the 3 room working mens club into a venue ready for the huge show that is Digital Distopia.

Its been covered on the 4 Talent website, and the Birmingham Post, and you can read more on new PxP Website.

More soon, but for now, here’s your invitation..

Djing at bham opera and the hare and hounds

August 26, 2008 – 16:32 | 2 Comments


Had a couple of really interesting djing gigs this weekend. One for Adam Regan hosting the Hare and Hounds back bar all night with Sam Redmore, and one from John Mostyn, hosting the Bham Opera …

Celebrate Birmingham’s Underground

August 22, 2008 – 15:33 | One Comment

So aside from our Project X Presents Event, which is made up of all different types of Birmingham artists (with a few international ones too), i’m also involved with another event in collaboration with Mr Elephant and The Night Times, which is made up of, and aims to make some collective noise about 25 Birmingham underground events and their residents, and celebrate Birmingham’s underground scene with a big warehouse and beach party on Saturday 20th Sep 2008…

6 Decks and 2 Mixers

August 20, 2008 – 11:59 |


Me and Sam had a great first mix today. With one of us mixing the accapellas, and the other mixing in the tracks. I was quite shattered from chasing everyone for info so i can …

Journey to the Edge Of Somewhere

August 18, 2008 – 15:44 | 8 Comments


Finally after almost a year, i decided to finish a breaks mix i worked on last year, which was showcased at our last big Project X Presents event in November, and which was based on …

Project X Presents @ Busk – 13th September 2008

August 13, 2008 – 13:45 |

We’ve had to keep a bit quiet about the venue while it gets it’s license confirmed, but we can now reveal (for the second time!) that its going to be breaking in a new venue called BUSK (which is on Gough Street, opposite the Alexandra Theatre)..

For now all i’m going to say is that the theme is about digital distopia, and there was some extremely exciting happenings being discussed at the meeting last night.

Share To Create

August 12, 2008 – 09:25 |
Share To Create


Something i mentioned previously, which is (a) an extension of the Mr Elephant Workshop of the World idea, and (b) something i’m hugely excited about, is a website /idea that is currently in development called …