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December 31, 2012 – 11:59 |


Hey folks,
After 420 posts I decided to discontinue this site, and build a new one.
Please find me at my current site – www.djnarrative.com.
There are a lot of narrative based audio, visual & Dj content that …

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A place for the other things i do outside of music. Generally broken down into things i do & things i find useful. Could be posts on productivity, events in birmingham, music making, dj technology, web design tips, awareness, politics, spirituality, funny stuff..all that kind of thing.


All blog posts related to my own Djing. Generally broken down into sub categories that i hope will be of interest. Radio shows, Dj Charts, Gig Lists, music / artists to check out, & anything useful i find related to the art of djing.


All past posts & videos related to the events Mr Elephant, Rockfall, Inter-course, Headway & Project X Presents, co-promoted up til the hiatus with links to all artists involved.


Starting to feel comfortable with what im producing and about to embark with a new setup and workflow. Wanted to put out a short ep of previous ideas which is up for free download via the newsletter


I deliver music tech workshops to particpants of all ages in a host of environments working with various other artforms. I only started this year, so there’s not many posts, but hopefully the posts give a good idea. More information is on the dedicated website – Reckorder.com.

A studio backpack that can house it all

July 11, 2009 – 19:38 |


“Namba Gear is a California based bag and accessories company that designs and produces premium, high performance solutions for the working musician. Namba Gear is both a musician/dj and lifestyle brand. The essence of the brand is …

Mr Elephant Radio is back – Every Monday on Rhubarb – 6pm – 8pm

July 9, 2009 – 19:16 |
Mr Elephant Radio is back – Every Monday on Rhubarb – 6pm – 8pm


This copied from our Mr Elephant Website
Yes, yes, we are most excited to announce that our big little radio show is back on the rhubarb airwaves, every monday evening from 6-8pm from 20th July 2009.

After …

Party Rockin Mammal Sessions # 7

July 5, 2009 – 19:14 |

Settling nicely into its new monthly slot Mr Elephant’s Party Rockin Mammal Sessions, saw Dr Pepperspray joining our residents for a Moseley Festival special. A hot day, so took a while to fill up, but as the sun set, the basslines kicked, until a big singalongafinale and an unexpected heartwarming comment…

Transglobal Underground @ Hare & Hounds – June 2009

June 28, 2009 – 20:40 |
Transglobal Underground @ Hare & Hounds – June 2009

Last night was an exceptional display of great musicianship, and talented performers. Legends in their own right, and with an ever evolving line up. Transglobal still rock the house like they did 13 years ago!

I had the fortunate pleasure of djing all night, and…

Great performances @ Live & Free # 3

June 23, 2009 – 19:12 |

Massive elephant noises to everyone who came down and filled the Adam & Eve with appreciative sounds to the great array of talent on show from our 3 special guests this month.

Flame of Fervour were dark, gritty, acoustic with a very cool sound and great musicianship, the flamenco & latin fusion of the Hidden Half ignited a huge response from the audience, and The Heels, once again, set the whole place on fire, with one hour of inspired musicianship, and plenty of crowd pleasing ska….literally a band so large the brass section wouldn’t fit on the stage! :)

Djing with the Destroyers single launch @ Rainbow Warehouse – Fri 19th June 2009

June 20, 2009 – 05:27 |


Last night was a truly memorable Birmingham gig @ the Rainbow Warehouse supporting the Destroyers for the release of their debut single “Out of Babel”, and the night, as Rich Batsford quite rightly puts it, …

Mr Elephant’s 2nd Birthday Video by Jack Brabant

June 19, 2009 – 19:06 |

Our first professional produced video by super talented Jack Brabant. Along with Jules Hyland, we captured the footage, and he’s spent the last week creating the video below.

Suffice to say we are all somewhat blown away with the result!

Great to have you onboard Mr B :)

Our 1st Cinephonic was ….

June 17, 2009 – 19:32 |


A lot of hard work, but ultimately a great experience

Liam & i have been working on getting an a.v set together all week with 3 am finishes most nights. Hard work but necessary …

Going self employed

June 17, 2009 – 17:18 |


For the past few months i’ve been trying to get on a provision which allows me to test trade for 3 months. Today i had my second meeting with a very nice man at the …

Dramask & Mr Elephant @ BBC Water Festival

June 7, 2009 – 19:34 |

Its was a very wet sunday, but despite the torrential rain, the festival was great to be part of. Dramask had been asked to host a tent at the annual Water for Life Festival run by the environment agency, and i was asked to provide a suitable audio backdrop to the mask making activities (i thought i’d take our mr elephant banner with us what with it being the bbc)…

Custom Made Party Rockin Mammal Sessions #6

June 7, 2009 – 18:58 |

This month was a blinder for the party rockin mammal stable. Mark Smallman on those wheels of music was a treat, along side some nice juicy plump sets from our residents.

We only caught a few snaps before the camera ran out, but big props to all who bought the smiles and filled the floor….

Paper Tiger & Funkbox rock the Adam & Eve @ Live & Free #2

June 6, 2009 – 18:56 |

It was no surprise that our graphic designer Aart Tanner was so keen to get the 8 piece Paper Tiger Band down from Leeds! After seeing them at a festival in Croatia, he came back with one clear instruction…Book Paper Tiger for Mr Elephant. Our first available opportunity was our 2nd Live and Free event at the lovely Adam & Eve, and they were awesome…

A review of Mr Elephant’s 2nd Birthday by Dominic Brotherton

May 28, 2009 – 18:52 |

Since its inception in 2007, Mr Elephant has been on a steadily increasing diet of eclecticism, celebrating some of the best underground club nights, djs, vjs, live bands, dancers, performers and inhabitants that Birmingham has to offer. Now with 5 residencies all offering different slices of Birmingham’s nightlife, it seems appropriate to celebrate Mr Elephants success by sticking 2 candles in a cake to mark its second birthday, but on the 23rd May there was a whole lot more on the cards than our average birthday party…

Review of Mr Elephant’s 2nd Birthday by The Lab

May 26, 2009 – 22:51 |

Tony from The Lab who hosted vj workshops, vjed all night, and is to be producing Mr Elephant T.v has wrote his review of the Mr Elephant 2nd Birthday…

Project X Presents – Music is Not Pollution

May 18, 2009 – 19:03 |


This copied from our Mr Elephant Website
Project X Presents was, and continues to be a huge inspiration to Mr Elephant. Some of us have been involved with Project X from the start, and Mr Elephant …

Programme of Workshops & Music for the Mr Elephant 2nd Birthday

May 15, 2009 – 18:41 |

For anyone who is interested in trying out the free mr elephant workshops on saturday here’s the programme.

All workshops are FREE, and are aim to give you a taster of various creative artforms in a grassroots stylee.

Some are drop in, Some are tasters, and some will enable suitable participants to perform on the night.

If you want to try out any of the workshops, booking will be on a 1st come 1st served basis from 2pm as from the drop in workshops.

May / June Breaks Charts 2009

May 15, 2009 – 13:41 |
May / June Breaks Charts 2009

Here’s the breaks charts for the May/June issue of the Night Times…

Project X Presents – Xhibition – Sat 9th May 2009

May 10, 2009 – 21:22 |

Just back from the clear up of our Xhibition, and still reeling from what a great night i had in the Cross on Saturday! I missed all the happenings around Moseley in the day, as i working on my set for the night took a lot longer than i’d anticipated, but from a dj point of view i’m a so glad i did, as that was sincerely one of the best dj experiences i’ve had, and proper great night of music and visuals…

Mr Elephant’s 2nd Birthday 12 Hour Celebration!

May 8, 2009 – 18:37 | Comments Off

After 2 years and 14 events at 6 of our favourite Birmingham venues, the time has come to celebrate Mr Elephant’s 2nd birthday with our biggest festival style celebration to date, featuring lots of interactivity for all ages, the launch of Elephant Workshops in conjunction with Dramask, and the community based Elephant Tv project in partnership with The Lab.

Party Rockin Mammal Sessions # 5 @ The Bulls Head

May 3, 2009 – 18:18 |


This copied from our Mr Elephant Website
We’ve been waiting a while to invite Russ back, and after hearing him on form last night, it was well worth the wait!

The Party Rockin Mammal Sessions have been …

Live & Free # 1 @ The Adam & Eve

April 30, 2009 – 18:16 |


This copied from our Mr Elephant Website
Last night went down a blast at our new live & free residency at the Adam & Eve. 3 truly special live sets and it was 4am before we …

Booking some great live acts

April 20, 2009 – 18:25 |

Today i had a surprise call from Mr Adam Regan who informed us that Will Quantic had a new project, complete with video coming soon, and that he had date which fell on one we’d booked for the launch of Cinephonic, Liam Blendstate’s first Mr Elephant event which will seem him remix two films and me putting the soundtrack to it. An av night but geared towards the dancefloor.

Party Rockin Mammal Sessions #4

April 14, 2009 – 18:13 |

Our 4th Party Rockin Mammal Sessions @ The Bulls Head in Moseley, Birmingham was one of our favourite, diverse, but equally party rockin, with Funk and Breaks from our special guest Badaboon, and Swing, Breaks, and Drum and Bass from our resident Marc Reck. Really filmic visuals from Liam Blendstate and superb door hosting from our workshop and performance co-ordinator Pyn. And the mammals on the floor were legendary.

The Night Presents – Our 1st 5 Hour Set!?! – Fri 4th April 2009

April 5, 2009 – 18:09 |


Sat night was my first 5 hour set for the first of the Night Times Presents events at the Hare. and Hounds main room, and also the official Night Times awards party. We got certificates, …

Final version of Digital Distopia Video

April 3, 2009 – 16:22 |

And its a piece of work! Well done to all who had a hand in putting this together!…