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Project X Presents 2 was…

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….”a disturbing, lurching assault on the senses” (according to the Birmingham Post!)

The Aurul Fight at Project X Presents 2

They also went on to say “Project X is an intelligent and unique show destabilising the established role of the “spectator” in performance theatre and drawing you into an impressively eclectic and complex mix of art forms”. Nice! :)

There’s been quite a few reviews/posts about saturday, which i’m most happy to say have all been very positive. :)

Robin Valk spoke of “Enormous, generous and involved musicianship that jumped boundaries effortlessly” in his commentary

Joanna Geary comments that “the night summed up what Birmingham is capable of when it pulls its cultures and its talent together. It’s something we need to do much more of and it’s great to see people in the city trying to make it happen”

Dr Andy Pryke
referred to it as a “multi-faceted box of delights”.

And Mr Pete Ashton has collated a very comprehensive set of Collective Memories on his Created in Birmingham blog, which also features some of Matt Murtagh’s photos, and his own photos

(More collective memories on our Project X Presents site).

Reg Hunter at Project X Presents 2

I took some more pictures from the event, and if you type projectxpresents into flickr, you’ll access the entire pool of all the photos (including ones from our first event).

I also videoed a bit of the aurul fight, (whilst spinning around!), and a section of the capoeira.

All this the feedback is really positive for us, as for something that we have worked on collectively for over 12 months, which unfortunatly made a loss financially (thats just the production costs with no-one getting paid btw), this substantiates all our efforts, and indicates that it was all well worth it!

Everyone had to deal with something or another on the show night, and i think most of us would have made changes or improvements somewhere along the line, but on the whole, the show went really well, and everyone involved should feel very proud. My “trial” was having no monitor for about half the set, and there were various sound glitches on one of the speakers (all due to this huge old mixing desk that had to be repaired on thursday night, and constantly rerouted on the saturday according to Justin. Thankfully it didn’t seem to infringe on our audience’s experience, with overwhemingly positive and supportive responses, emails and texts.

Highlights for me personally were the market place happenings led by Kindle Theatre the poets, musicians and capoeira, and our 4 Project X performers expressing a strong narrative throughout the evening. Reg Hunter with a mind blowing set, which was both hilarious, emotional and insightful. The seamless transition into Rich Batsford, who played two very different, but both equally nourishingly soulful sets. I had great fun dancing to Jade One and the funk set, and The Qwalli, and the Aurul fight especially took me deep places inside myself. Dexter played a good solid set, followed by another from Einstellung, and i enjoyed pretty much all of my dj set, despite the various technical trials. Highlights of that for me were, performing and engaging with one of my own tracks at the start, mixing drum n bass into Brian Wilson, into the Prodigy in the middle, and then conducting a live 4 piece string quartet, whilst mixing 3 tracks with an overlayed sample from Howard Marx. The encore was great fun, and the audience were absolutly fantastic. A lorra lorra love in that room, and one magical show.

Djing the end of Project X Presents 2
In honour of all that were part of it, here are the credits, (Which i think are correct, but please let me know if there are any missed off)Well done to all. :)

    The people behind – PROJECT X PRESENTS 2 – Sat 3rd November 2007

10 Production Anne-Marie Pope Event Co-ordinator/Producer
11 Sound Justin Reynolds Sound Co-ordinator
12 Staging/logistics Rick Waterworth Logistics – staging and power, moving lighting
13 Projections Leon Trimble Visuals
14 Projections Matt Robinson Visuals
15 Stage Manager Frankie Spencer Calling the show
16 Lights Liam Walsh Lighting, parcans, rigging and spots
18 Gigbeth Liaison Jon Harris Gigbeth liaison on night – security/radio

21 Pre-event role Rich Batsford Music Co-ordinator/Producer
22 Pre-event role Pyn Stockman Performance Co-ordinator
23 Pre-event role Ant Ramm Web Co-ordinator/Producer
24 Pre-event role Marc Reck DJ
25 Pre-event role Rob Horrocks Marketing Co-ordinator
26 Pre-event role Marion Taggart Sponsorship and Ticketing
27 Pre-event role Andy Walls National Sponsorship
28 Pre-event role Ali Mack Smells
29 Pre-event role Sophia Edie Administration
30 Pre-event role Lyndall Fitzgerald Marketing
31 Pre-event role Richard Hubbard Building
32 Pre-event role David Checkley Electrician and building

34 Musician – stage (in show order)
36 Musician – floor Louis Robinson Violin (Cello Song)
37 Musician – floor Reema Talo Capeoria performer – ‘the village’
38 Poet – floor Louise Character performer – ‘the village’ www.louiseland.com
39 Poet – floor Big Bren Poet – ‘the village’
40 Comedian – stage ?? Reginald D Hunter Comedian, comedy set, 30 mins
41 Musician – stage ?? Rich Batsford Piano (4 songs, 16 mins then Cello Song, then Einstellung Acoustic)
42 Musician – stage ?? Louis Robinson Violin (Cello Song)
43 Musician – stage ?? Nick Burke Violin (Cello Song)
44 Musician – stage ?? Leighton Hargreaves Violin (Cello Song)
45 Musician – stage ?? Mike Cello (Cello Song)
46 Musician – stage ?? Jadie Carey Cello (Cello Song)
47 Musician – stage ?? Simon Rider Drums (Einstellung Acoustic)
48 Musician – stage ?? Steve Hough Bass (Einstellung Acoustic)
49 Musician – stage ?? Andrew Smart Guitar (Einstellung Acoustic)
50 Musician – stage ?? Andy Moscardo-Parker Guitar (Einstellung Acoustic)
51 Musician – stage ?? Matt O Neill Violin (Einstellung Acoustic)
52 Musician – stage ?? Vanessa Parker-White Violin (Einstellung Acoustic)
53 Musician – stage ?? Rachel Violin (Einstellung Acoustic)

54 Musician – stage ?? Amran Ellahi ?? (Aashiq Al Rasul) www.aashiqualrasul.com

56 Musician – stage ?? Damion Raggio Jade One electronic set
57 Musician – stage ?? Andy Parker Guitar (Lash Frenzy – Aural Fight)
58 Musician – stage ?? Mort the Sonic Laptop (Mort – Aural Fight)
59 DJ – stage ?? Leon Trimble DJ (funk set, extreme rewards)
60 Musician – stage ?? Rob Guitar & vocals (Dexter)
61 Musician Sam Guitar & vocals (Dexter)
62 Musician Nick ’slim ting’ Choyce Drums (Dexter)
63 Musician Dan ‘Roadblock’ Bass (Dexter)
64 Musician Chewie Hammond & Trumpet (Dexter)
65 Band manager Chuck Manager (Dexter)
66 Musician – stage ?? Simon Rider Drums (Einstellung full)
67 Musician – stage ?? Steve Hough Bass (Einstellung full)
68 Musician – stage ?? Andrew Smart Guitar (Einstellung full)
69 Musician – stage ?? Andy Parker Guitar (Einstellung full)
70 DJ – stage ?? Marc Reck DJ (freedom to return)
73 Performers
74 Performance Co-ordinator Pyn Stockman Performance Co-ordinator
75 Performer Fran Higginson Core performer
76 Performer Marc Phillips Core performer
77 Performer David Bennett Core performer
78 Performer Rachel Liapopoulou Core performer
79 Performer Reema Talo Capeoria performer – ‘the village’
80 Performer Andy McGill Capeoria performer – ‘the village’
81 Performer Jane Sutcliffe Aerial work in ‘inside the house .. ‘
82 Performer Sam Fox Kindle Theatre – ‘the village’
83 Performer Jess Kindle Theatre – ‘the village’
84 Performer Olivia Kindle Theatre – ‘the village’
89 Pre-event role Alan Cheeseman Set
90 Pre-event role Sara Reynolds Set
91 Pre-event role Ollie Shapley Set
94 Costume Ruth Swallow
95 Make-up Ruth
100 Stage Manager
101 Crew Richard Millin Stage 1
102 Crew Ant Ramm Stage 2
103 Stage A Shu Trevedi Stage 3
104 Stage B Peter Maxwell-Dixon Sound assistance
105 Stage C Johnny Doom Sound assistance
106 Runner Sophia Edie Production assistance
113 Photographer Matt Murtagh
114 Photographer Katja Ogrin

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