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Project X Presents – Xhibition – Sat 9th May 2009

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Just back from the clear up of our Xhibition, and still reeling from what a great night i had in the Cross on Saturday! I missed all the happenings around Moseley in the day, as i working on my set for the night took a lot longer than i’d anticipated, but from a dj point of view i’m a so glad i did, as that was sincerely one of the best dj experiences i’ve had, and proper great night of music and visuals.

Not forgetting the comedy at the start of course. Rich had sorted a great comic, who came down before a gig at the Glee Club. He started on the floor as opposed to the stage, which was a great touch at the start, as made everything feel more balanced, but also meant when people came in, because of the layout of the Cross, that the room was split into too, which must have been pretty difficult to perform.

Following that was Rich Batsford and Leon Chromatouch, who performed a beautiful set. I captured a bit of it on me camera below.

plus these a few stills like this one, which are on the flickr set here

Rich and Leon

Following some more music from me (i was playing in between bands, which when its a diverse as project x, i really enjoy) we had a set from the Lazy Lizards, who got people up and dancing with their spanish influenced acoustic worldbeat music. I’d seen them play once before with Rich at Bohemian Jukebox, and liked their set / bought a cd, etc.

Lazy Lizards

After some scratching and dancing music, the mighty Cracked Actors were up, and as usual, didn’t fail to deliver with a crowd pleasing set of ska which got the whole room boucing.

Cracked Actors

I caught a little bit on the video again, and i was real impressed by their swing moves after their set!

Then it was my couple of hours, which like i say, was a great experience for me dj wise. I must now apologise for this next paragraph, as its about me, from my point of view, but honestly, it meant a lot, so please avert your eyes if your adverse to self postivity online. For my set I got to play Scratching, Funk, Swing, House, Breaks, Drum & Bass, and then back into chillout, and the crowd response was amazing/inspiring…i absolutlly loved every minute, and remembered why i love djing so much.

After set niceness

The reason i’d missed most of the event in the day, was because i wanted to mix all the live music in the same way that we mix the electronic music, and it took a fair bit of planning to get there, but teh reaction meant it was all well worth it, and throughout the set, people came up with champagne, warm handshakes and proper lovely comments! A guy who was best mates with one of the headline djs of Ministry of Sound was well into it, and even said something along the lines of there was nothing that comes close to what i was doing, it was another level compared to what his mate and the biig names were doing, and that he’s been in the game for 15 years down in London! Inspiring stuff, which put me on cloud nine for the rest of the weekend.

Dancing to swing

Right far too much about me…If you dont say it no-one will know right…anyway, back to the night. After a little break outside, walking down the entrance hall of laughs, and hearing some faint noises of the now infamous buzz boxes, it was time for Rohit and his band, which comprised of tabla, sitar and bass. Sitar’s always a difficult one to mic up, but when that was sorted a truly beautiful sound filled the cross. Tabla is the one for me..probably my favourite of all the hand drum sounds, but together with the sitar and the bass, it was a really fitting end to another great project X presents.

Rohits band with visuals from Chromatouch of the Performers

There are so many people involved in just that one part of the xhibition…much more than on the actual stage, and the whole event over the day saw “xhibitions” by all manner of creative people. I wont list them now, but i do advise checking out our www.projectxpresents.com website, as it is soon to be updated, to feature a lot of the footage created for the xhibition.

Tag Tool with Rosa & Kyle Chloe the lampy in the background

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