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Reckommended Records Sep / Oct 2012

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My site went down for a couple of weeks but here are 25 recommended records of various electronic music genres. Plenty of free ones, all 5 star tracks and links to all the artists and tracks in the title.

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Downtempo / Electronica / Trip Hop

The Cogent Project - Movement & Weakness – 10 Track Ep Epidermik Records

Just the kind of electronica i love to hear and available for whatever you want to pay this 10 track ep is full of beautiful and highly interesting tracks which sit somewhere between downtempo, glitch hop and electronica. Available now!

Kalpataru Tree – Lumisophy – Bandcamp

Sublime, deep dubby electronica from Kalpataru which is real joy to listen to and cant help but relax the most frantic of minds. Beautiful stuff and 2 years in the making. Highly Recommended

Fanu – So Sleeps the City – Selected Free Giveaways

Lovely downtempo trip hop beats style goodness from the talented Fanu. I particularly love his more downtempo trip hop style stuff but theres a whole spectrum of beats influenced work on his site. This one is part of the selected giveaway freebies which you can find from the linky above.

Om Unit (feat. Tamara Blessa)Dark Sunrise - Civil Music

This is a beautiful track from Om Units most recent Aeolian EP with some awesome vocals which perfectly fit the growing deep glitch hop dubsteppy vibe. Its deep and a great one to start a set with, enabling you to take it into any form or dnb, jungle, or drumstep, or glitch hop, hip hop, dope beats tempos. Its probably more on the glitch hop tip than downtempo electronica, but as ive been buying so much glitch hop recently and its so versatile i thought it’d sit nicely in this cat.

Circuit Bent – Flutterby – Filter

Innovative musical tempo shifting with loads of interesting sounds that feels as comfortable in the dancefloor Glitch hop and the La Beats styles as it does in the experimental electronica category, this is a new one on the Filter label out on October the 8th 2012 as part of their third Filter at the movies.

Glitch Hop & Hip Hop

 K+Lab feat Sacha Vee - Need To Know (Buck Rogers Remix) – Junk Food Recordings

This ep back from April is awesome. I tend to play this slightly faster than its orginally intended but plus 2 and its one of my favourites from the last glitch hop dig. The Blunt instrument remix is equally big and the whole thing is a must buy for fans of funky electro swing tinged glitch hop.

Mustard Tiger - Sloot (Meat Axe Remix) – Adapted Recordings

Another wicked track from back in April this is just class. Loads of edits, loads of funk and a nice lurching bass to get your ass shaking to. Buy it!

Tipper – Shatter Box Ep – Tipper Music

Yay another ep from Tipper and like everything else he does its excellent! Theres a couple of drum step/drumandbass speed glitchy tracks, a glitch hop one and a mid tempo swing one. All are great and you can buy from the link above.

Omegaman – Skankin’ Riddem (Stickybuds Remix) – Superhifi Recordings

Been out a good while but loving this track. A fresh blend of dancehall, reggae, and glitch hop with some horns in there for good measure. A guaranteed ass shaker

The Sixth Letter - The King (Fletch Remix) – Rocstar

Dope new remix from Fletch on a forthcoming release from Sixth Letter. I think this is the stand out track but theres a real spectrum of styles over the whole ep of which you can get a flavour of from the soundcloud link above. (The fletch remix is the 3rd one along) Out on 28th October 2012

K Lab feat Analog Mc - Wrecked (Opiuo Mix) – Empathy

So much glitch hop to include but this is going to be the last one for this post! Quite an old one now but a winning combination of two of my favourite producers in the genre – this one chugs along with that trademark funky opiouness. Again i think it sounds more dancefloor friendly at slightly faster speeds but thats the benefit of having a pitch control \o/


BxP Soundsistema ft Princess Juliana & Foulane – Balkan Train – Free Download

This is a wicked freebie from Kosta Kostov as BxP Soundsistema which expertly manages to traverse balkan, and dope hip hop / funky breaks genres with ease with even a little moombhaton dancehall style roll to boot. Very uplifting and guarenteed party starter as part of the Balkan Train Ep from 2010

Electro Swing

Trio Manouche – Falling In Love With Swing - Bandcamp

I first heard Simon Harris when he played with Mama Matrix in our 1st home for Mr Elephant and Project X Presents – Epic Skatepark. It was one of the 1st time i’d seen swing being played live and i remember absoutely loving it. As much as Mama Matrix who remain one of my favourite bands from my hometown city. Many years later – Simon’s swing trio have just released a new pay what you like 4 track ep and its excellent. Love all the tracks on it and highly recommend you go grab it :)


A-Skilllz feat Lyn Collins – Think – Free Dload

Think by Lyn Collins is a bona fida classic that never fails to set the floor off and this is nice remix which fattens it up nicely for the electronic scene. Guarenteed party rocker and plenty to get your teeth into if your into your live editing of tracks. Free dload from his soundcloud

Janette Slack – Girl In Black (Kickflip Vocal Mix) – Slack Trax

Awesome remix from Kickflip which twists and morphs whilst keeping you locked in with the groove all the way. 5 star track and out

Hi Fidelity – Attempts at Good Things – Sub Synergy Records

The long awaited debut album from the uber talented Hi Fidelity came out at the start of September and its excellent. Aside from a few tracks i love it and its traverses glitchy genres with style and ease. Theres a few on there that have popped up in mixes or reviews before and you can grab it for whatever you can afford to pay from his bandcamp account.

Ways & Means – Kids (Meat Katie Remix) – Audio 23

Solid tech funk grooves from Meat Katie in this forthcoming release on Audio 23. The originals very cool too.


Counterstrike feat. Jonny Pettersson – Step into the Fire - Algorythm Recordings

Brand new one forthcoming on a 5 track ep in November from heavy hitting Counterstrike. This track is a hybrid of filthy lurching dubstep and classic metal guitar riffs with some heavy metal vocals interspersed inviting us to step into the fire. The whole E.Ps well worth checking out and spans drum and bass, dubstep, and drumstep all on their heavy techy style sound.

Figure – Beetlejuice Dubstep Mix – Free Dload

This is a wicked little dubstep rendition of a classic soundtrack from a very talented producer. Since giving my email in exchange for the track, He’s since sent a few more freebies and each one has been really high quality especailly the super sonic brainwaves vip thats arrived a couple of days ago . This particular track is part of Monsters of Drumstep Vol 2 and all the info and the free track is on the link above.


Simon Owen – Benificial Tension - Maetta

Every time i get a promo from Simon Owens owner of Birmingham Based Techno Label Xetechno i’m pretty confident i’m going to like it. Im a huge fan of the rolling techno sound, largely due to my weekly religious visits to all the birmingham techno nights in the 90′s and 00′s and I still regularly dig for it so this is a welcome addition to my collection. Quality rolling techno which both hypnotizes and builds all the way. I like the whole ep but this one is my favourite. Out on Maetta from October 20th 2012

The Advent & Jason Fernandes - Omen (Sasha Carassi Remix) – Skyline type grooves

In my vinyl collection is New Beginnings by the Advent. Classic Ep, beautiful artwork and one i’ll always keep. This track is from one of my favourite techno producers – Sasha Carressi who i always buy when i go record digging. Out back in May but a 5 star track and a must for any rolling techno lovers.

Black Asteroid - Engine 1 (Unsubscribe Remix (Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones) – CLR

I bought quite a lot of techno on my last record shop, and this was another 5 star track. It actually started the dig in the first place after reading a techno special in a recent dj mag with some favourite producers. Dave Clarke put forward 10 or so of his must buy recommendations. I personally wasnt really feeling any of them aside from Subdermic by Electric Caberet (which would be another recommended record), but did find this wicked remix by the man himself which houses much of what i love about the sets i used to hear back in the late 90′s. Unrelenting and plenty of layers. Awesome.

Drum & Bass / Jungle

Nanci & Phoebe feat Congo Natty - Notorious - Congo Natty Bass

Congo Natty is back with a release that was one of my highlights of Shambala 2011 on his  new imprint Congo Natty Bass. With beautiful and conscious vocals written from the uber talented Nanci & Phoebe and classy rolling jungle jungle riddims and some choice rebel MC vocals this is wicked start for whats undoubtedably going to be a big label. Out now

Loadstar – Bomber – Ram

Massive track in the unmistakeable Loadstar Ram style. Builds up to a winning heavy drop. Been out for few months but still kills it.

Excision & Datsik - Deviance (Dirtyphonics Remix) - Ma5trap

There’s plenty of phat tracks to choose from on the X – Rated Remixes Release – (a remix of excision tracks) traversing the dubstep and techy dnb genres. This one in particular is a big tune dropping down to half speed and then ramping it up towards the end. All the production is crisp and the vibe dark. Well worth checking out from the link above

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