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The Road to Slamboree – Our New Live Band

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Over the last few weeks i’ve been working with the very talented Freear on our aforementioned musical collaboration, and it’s resulted in a brand new live band called Slamboree!

I should make clear that the road to Slamboree didnt start with our musical collaboration. My own inspirations started from our 1st project x presents show back in 2005 and has been influenced by dj gigs with performers, dancers and collaborations with musicians and masks. Likewise Freear has a wealth of musical experiences & together with the multi talented circus vocalist Stirling Freeman, had a range of synchronous meetings when they were both travelling which created many of the circus & vocal elements, and a whole load more. (More on that from Mike soon) The road in terms of public performance however began last friday when we had our debut gig with host of other skilled individuals, and somehow it all came together amazingly!

As i mentioned in a previous post, Me and Mike spoke about working together before xmas, but our first meeting was only 3 weeks ago when he came down to brum for a few days. Our mission was to see if we could write a whole new set for a live show, and then perform it with musicians, circus performers and visuals artists at a booking at Trades Club in Hebdon Bridge.

Slamboree 0

Day 1 was playing existing tracks and formulating ideas, with loopstations, percussion, vstis, turntables, mike’s yamaha synth and my traktor s4, and by the eve of day 2 we had around 6 new tracks, with influences ranging from balkan, breakbeat, dubstep, trip hop & drum and bass. There was various narrative and humourous ideas coming through nicely in the tracks, and by day 3 we had an hours set, and a name (courtesy of Claire who suggested Slamboree which seemed to encapsulate the sound and the vibe perfectly (slamming music with a festival vibe & plenty of organic collaboration and jamming)

We hooked up again the week after to work more on the tracks and get a solid structure together and then sent the set off to Blend Av & the ever growing list of musicians and circus performers, so that everyone could develop their sections ready for the performance. Everyone was living in different parts of the UK, and it was the first time either of us had tried anything like this, but the skills of everyone involved and the excitement about the set itself was enought to quieten any ramblings from the lizard brain and so the last week was spent adding finishing touches, making a cd and lots of practice and communication.

Slamboree 3

On the night itself I travelled up with Blend AV courtesy of Tony theLabvisuals who was very kindly driving from Leicester to pick up Liam Blendstate and me and then all the way to Hebdon bridge and back! 7 hours of driving in total and a full gig is always a great feat, but add onto that the 2 days of solid prep and little sleep and you can see why we were so grateful!

The setup was nice and smooth thanks to a great sound engineer and some calming vibes from Freear, and there was a real sense of excitement and anticipation in seeing how it would all fit together as it was the first time most of us had met! After some tasty vege curry courtesy of the lovely hosts of the night, it was into the night with Key lo and sicknote on the decks dropping some phat breaks and getting the place rocking before the clock chimed 10:45 and we all gathered on stage and started the set.

Slamboree 2

Straight into the first track and it seemed to go down an absolute storm with the crowd getting right into it and everyone involved demonstrating brilliance in their own performances. Blend Av’s work was really shining through creating a live cinematic feel and adding insightful visual narrative to each track. The circus performers delivered a whole series of different routines ranging from ariel acrobatics to fire and nails, and every single musician not only played each of their parts like they’ve been rehearsing together all week, but also vibed up the crowd to full effect with great hosting from Stirling & Mike. Freear was loving it, also playing some wicked guitar lines, and rockin the live bass on the synth, and I was boucing around for pretty much the whole set, scratching in samples, sounds and dropping parts live using traktor s4 and ableton/launchpad.

Slamboree 1

For the 1st one i doubt anyone knew what to expect from either side, but it seemed after the gig that it had exceeded everyone’s expectations, and the feedback from the audience, promoters & friends sealed the night beautifully. It really feels like a very first strong step into on beautiful journey, as with time to do rehearsals and explore and develop the countless ideas it seems like it has a massive potential to grow.  Suffice to say i’m feeling excited, inspired and grateful for these last few weeks and  already looking forward to a host of bookings.

Slamboree 4

If you’d like to keep in touch then we’ve started a mailing list which we’ll be looking to offer as much as we can to anyone signed up to. We’ve also got our facebook page and our soundcloud page, both of which are currently housing the dloads and media, and bookings are going through our slamboreemusic@gmail.com address.

We’ve got a professional video on the way and if you’d like to come see us play then we’ll be at these gigs (the next two being Featherstone Castle on April 9th & Landed Festival on April 30th) and there’ll many more over the spring and summer time.

Til then here’s a free download of our Prokofiev breaks remix – http://soundcloud.com/freear/slamboree-prokofiev-free-mp3 – (Let us know what you think if you grab a copy ;)

And here’s the magical people who made it happen (will add more links when i can find them)

Music : Freear & Marc Reck
Vocals: Stirling Freeman
Violin: MissKittyflip
Sax: Jamie Orde Metherell (Dexter Dextrous & The Fingersmiths)
Trombone: Joe Rogers (Dexter Dextrous & The Fingersmiths)
Trumpet: Philip Basil Unciano (Dexter Dextrous & The Fingersmiths)
Accordian: Claudio
Drums: Paul Drums (Free Control)

Visuals: Blend

Now Here Nowhere Circus:
Ashley Ferrari
Alexandra Lexisexx Lee
Jake Williams
Delia Ceruti
Gail O’Brien

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  1. bobbie gardner on said:

    Well done for the first outing of Slamboree!

    Looks crazy!

  2. marcreck on said:

    Cheers Bobbie! :)

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