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Twelve mixes for xmas and an album or remixes as my winter solstice 2012 gift

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Today is the last day of the mayan calendar, the 2012 winter solstice and my dog’s birthday! So to mark the occasion I thought i’d get together my best mixes of 2012 into a blog post and send it to friends and the nice people who visit my site.

Updated (quite a few years later!) Some of the links got broken for the 4 x CD mix, so there’s actually only 8 mixtapes on this post.

I also play & make quite a range of different music (downtempo / dope / house / techno, etc) :)

You can download all the new mixtapes & genres (over 50 all free with covers and tracklistings) from the collections on my new Dj Narrative site - http://www.djnarrative.com/subscriber-content/


The Coming Home series has Narrative and is more suited to after a club listening, and the Going Out are live recordings and potentially more suited to getting ready to go out. To be fair they’re all quite diverse and dynamic so i’ve put the genres underneath each one to help navigation. Each mix is around 40 minutes so you can fit 2 on a cd & covers are available from the show page links)

I was planning to post a new 4 dex & efx techno going out mix and a turntablist funky hip hop coming home mix, but they need more work, so i’ll post them up in the next newsletter. To make it up to 12 there’s also the 4 cd mix at the bottom, and please do help yourself to any of the 80 mixes & radio shows from any of my 3 back catalogue pages

If you’re feeling generous i’ve also put together an album of remixes from previous tracks to raise money for the save the children gaza fund. It’s made up from tracks before i really had my head around arrangement and production, but im pleased with how its turned out and the narrative fits well with the situation in gaza.

Either way please do help yourself to the album (also featured below), as its all free, and if you’d like to donate to save the children, the links are in the description.

Really hope you enjoy listening to these as much as i have putting them together and if you like any of the artists there are links to all in the tracklistings below.

If you enjoy any of the mixes and want to show support, a like on my new facebook page would be all thats needed.

And finally if you would like my debut album (the proper one) and all of the best new content that i send to friends and newsletter subscribers, please do drop your email into here.

Wishing you an inspiring solstice, a very merry xmas, and a prosperous new year.


Coming Home Vol #1 – Zazen

Dj Narrative Radio – Home Vol #1 – Zazen – 09th March 2012 by Marc Reck

Genres – Cinematic / Downtempo / Electronica / Trip Hop / Deep Jungle / Narrative



John Daido Loori – Finding The Still Point
Massive Attack vs Burial – Four Walls
Ghostpoet – Us Against Whatever Ever
HxdB & 3rdeye – Transpacific
Freear & Mary at Midnight – Early Departed
Jani R – On Days Like This
Klute – 174 BPM
Noisia – Leakage
Tipper – Brocken Spectre
Nitin Sawhney – Displacing the Priest
Zero T – Morning Sex (Feat Conrad)
Burial vs Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

Coming Home Vol # 2 – Fear & Love Part 2

Dj Narrative Radio – Coming Home Vol #2 – Fear and Love Part 2 (April 2012) by Marc Reck

Genres - Glitch Hop / Breaks / Drum & Bass / Electronica / Cinematic / Narrative



Bill Hicks – Fear & Love
Future Funk Squad – Fear
Break – The Only Way
Blacklicious – Sky Is Falling (Acapella)
King Cannibal – Aragami style
Coldcut – Everything is under control (Acapella)
The Prodigy – Poison
Vent – Lunatics
Bassbin Twins – 001
Jargon VA – Dissapoint You (High Rankin remix)
Noisia vs Mayhem – Exodus (Instrumental)
Rich Batsford feat Howard Marx – Completion (Reckorder Drum & Bass Remix)
London Elektricity – Do You Believe
Pendulum – Tarantula
Sigur Ross – Saigur Pur
Bill Hicks – Fear & Love

Coming Home Vol # 3 – Alone (A Love Story)

Dj Narrative Radio – Coming Home Vol #3 – Alone (A Love Story) by Marc Reck

Genres – Glitch Hop / Breaks / Electro Breaks / Drum & Bass / Electronica / Cinematic / Narrative



01. Barry Adamson – Vermillion Kisses
02. Ikon – Mogul Modal (Free Download)
03. Shirley Bassey – Where Do i Begin (Away Team Mix)
04. Amy Winehouse - You know I’m no good (Skeewiff Remix)
05. William Breakspear vs The Strangeways - Skanky Panky Tune (Free Download)
06. Tipper – Puzzle Dust
07. Tipper – Scrabbler
08. Breakage – Temper
09. Break - All Thats Left
10. Break and DJ Die - Slow Down
11. Sub Focus – Vapourise
12. Enei - Stonehead
13. T.O.B. feat. Nonku - Evolutionary (Extended Mix)
14. Tipper – L.E.D. Down
15. Tipper – L.E.D. Down (Orchestral Mix)

Coming Home Vol #4 – The Creative

Genres -Deep & Liquid Drum & Bass and Jungle / Trip Hop / Narrative



1. High Contrast feat Underworld – 238 Days
2. Goldie – Inner City Life
3. Count Basic – Speechless (K&D Mix)
4. Lamb - God Bless (Wagon Christ Mix)
5. Om Unit - Ulysses
6. Om Unit (feat. Tamara Blessa)Dark Sunrise
7. Top Cat - Ruffest Gun Ark (Chase & Status Mix)
8. Nanci & Phoebe feat Congo Natty - Notorious
9. Loadstar - Bomber
10. Tipper - Higgins
11. Stray – Timbre
12. Terminal State - Torn
13. Seba - Forever
14. High Contrast - Everything’s Different (Calibre Mix)
15. London Elektricity - This Dark Matter

Going Out Vol #1 – Live at Shambala

Marc Reck (Dj Narrative) Djing the Kamikaze Tent @ Shambala Festival 2011 by Marc Reck

Genres – Breaks/ Tech Funk / Techno / Drum & Bass / Jungle / Acapellas / Efx



1. Eva Lazarus & David Rodrigan – Live at Shambala 2011 intro
2. Rebel MC (Feat Barrington Levy & Tenor Fly) – Tribal Bass
3. Davip & 3d Stas – Jamaican Oldskool
4. Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Acapella)
5. Hedflux – Rhythm Prism
6. Sasha Carassi – White Sucker
7. DK8 – Murder Was The Bass
8. The Prodigy – Jericho
9. Freestylers– The Slammer
10. Pendulum feat Freestylers – Fasten Your Seatbelts
11. The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance
12. Congo Natty feat. Top Cat– Champion DJ
13. Break– Traits
14. Logistics – Reality Checkpoint
15. The Fugees – Fugee La La (Sly & Robbie Remix) (Acapella)
16. Break Ft Calyx & Teebee – Dont Look Down
17. Roni Size“Reprazent” – Brown Paper Bag (2008 Re-Edit)
18. DJ Die & Roni Size – It’S A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix)
19. Congo Natty feat. Top Cat – Wardance (Serial Killaz VIP Mix)

Going Out Vol #2 – Live At Hot Club De Swing

Marc Reck (Dj Narrative) Djing at Hot Club De Swing – 10th March 2012 by Marc Reck

GENRES – Electro Swing / Swing / Balkan / Funky Breaks / Glitch Hop / Tropical



01. Ben Charest – Belleville Jungle
02. Fred Astaire – Puttin’ On The Ritz (Club Des Belugas Remix)
03. Club Des Belugas – Habana Twist
04. Tim Tim – Rum’n’cocacola (Shake It Up Well Mix)
05. Chinese Man – Artichaut
06. Club des Belugas – Skip To The Bip (Brazil Mix)
07. Club Des Belugas – It Dont Mean A Thing
08. The Doors – Break on Through (Lance Herbstrong Re-Edit)
09. Balkan Beat Box – Hermetico
10. Baghdaddies – I Like It
11. Kormac - Jubilee
12. Mocean Worker & Steve Bernstein – Shake Ya Boogie
13. Fort Knox Five – Insight (A Skillz Mix)
14. Nekta – Here’s Us
15. Ben Charest – Belleville Rendez-Vous
16. Quantic feat. Tempo – Sabor
17. Zero dB – On The One Three
18. Myagi – Skank O Matic


Going Out Vol #3 – Live At Wagon & Horses Yard

Marc Reck (Dj Narrative) Djing @ Wagon & Horses Yard for Ferrit’s Funktion 1 40th – 06th April 2012 by Marc Reck



01. Hi Fidelity – 6 Million Ways To Squelch <Free Dloads>
02. Plastikman – Spastik (Dubfire Rework)
03. Unique 3 – Rocks the Bass (Si Begg Warehouse Mix)
04. Tipper – Unitizer
05. Freestylers – Give Me A Dub Plate
06. Scam – Put Your Hands Up
07. Tipper – Unlock The Geometry
08. Lawgiverz – Tunnel Bump
09. The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance
10. Pendulum feat Freestylers – Fasten Your Seatbe
11. Bassbin Twins – Woppa
12. The Freestylers – Boomblast
13. Aquasky – Disco Biscuit
14. 4Kuba – Spacebuggy (BETA Remix)
15. Mr No Hands – Fat Cats (Diverted Remix)
16. Si Begg – The Tyranny of Pesto (Deadman DJs Mix)
17. Lawgiverz – Up
18. Si Begg feat Epcot – Hard Like Funk (Labour Ward Ep)
19. Tipper – Deez Bass Lessen
20. Cass Collective – Buried In The Woods

Going Out Vol #4 – Glitch Hop Mix 1

Dj Narrative Radio – Going Out Vol #4 – Glitch Hop Mix 1 – Oct 2012 by Marc Reck

GENRES - Glitch Hop / Electro Breaks



1. Mustard Tiger -  Bass Rate – Adapted Records
2. Mouldy Soul - Feeding Time – Colony Records
3. Tipper - Spunion – Tippermusic
4. Footwork vs. Snoop Dogg – 6 Million Ways to Die (Footwork serial killa bootleg mix) – Free Download
5. K+Lab feat Sacha Vee - Need to know – Junk Food
6. Marc Reck & Method Man & Redman – How High (Dj Narrative 2011 Prequel Glitch Hop Remix) – Free Download
7. Vent – Panda Slap – Colony
8. Bran Richards & Mr. Bill - Tinsel – Simplify
9. Spoonbill – Flying Junk Ship – Omlette
10. Mustard Tiger - Sloot (Meat Axe Remix – Adapted Records
11. Blatwax - Breeder – Adapted Records
12. Skeetaz – Nein – Additech
13. Carbon Community – Dr Spectacles (Lawgiverz Mix) – Reconnect Recordings
14. Hi Fidelity – Gender Blur – Sub Synergy


Dj Narrative 2012 Prequel Album of Early Remixes for Gaza Save the Children Fund

I was a bit aprehensive of putting this out as its not really representative of my music making or producing, but its for charity and think its turned out pretty well all things considering (more info below)

GENRES – Trip Hop / Glitch Hop / Breaks / Dancehall / Drum & Bass


Here’s a bit more background with the links to  in case you dont read the soundcloud info. >>

An album of remixes featuring track from last 5 years, put together to raise money for emergency save the children gaza fund.

Please visit my bandcamp page for the information and links to download all tracks for free (and/ or donate to the save the children gaza fund if you’d like to) http://djnarrative.bandcamp.com

I have a new setup, workflow, and approach to writing and producing now so all these tracks were made before i really understood arrangement or production. Many of the tracks were missing plugins and some just being most recent wav export. That said i’ve used ozone for some limiting and basic mastering to try and get them up to speed and am pretty pleased with how its turned out.

Artists featured are Bruce Lee, Noam Chompsky, Bill Hicks, Saul Williams, DubFx, M.I.A, Method Man, Redman, Coldcut, General Levy, Fugees, Pink, Peter Kaye, Susan Vega & The Montini Experience.

Starting work on debut album 12 / 12 / 2012. I’ll post all the tracks and parts via my new facebook page (next thing to update) - www.facebook.com/djnarrative All tracks, mixes & back catalogue freely available from www.djnarrative.com & & www.marceck.com

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